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Installing new symbols and/or names allows them to be used in as_units, make_units and set_units. Optionally, a relationship can be defined between such symbols/names and existing ones (see details and examples).


install_unit(symbol = character(0), def = character(0),
  name = character(0))

remove_unit(symbol = character(0), name = character(0))



a vector of symbols to be installed/removed.



  • an empty definition, which defines a new base unit;

  • "unitless", which defines a new dimensionless unit;

  • a relationship with existing units (see details for the syntax).


a vector of names to be installed/removed.


At least one symbol or name is expected, but multiple symbols and/or names can be installed (and thus mapped to the same unit) or removed at the same time. The def argument enables arbitrary relationships with existing units using UDUNITS-2 syntax:

String TypeUsing NamesUsing SymbolsComment
Raisedmeter^2m2higher precedence than multiplying or dividing
Productnewton meterN.m
Quotientmeter per secondm/s
Scaled60 second60 s
Offsetkelvin from 273.15K @ 273.15lower precedence than multiplying or dividing
Logarithmiclg(re milliwatt)lg(re mW)"lg" is base 10, "ln" is base e, and "lb" is base 2
Grouped(5 meter)/(30 second)(5 m)/(30 s)

The above may be combined, e.g., "0.1 lg(re m/(5 s)^2) @ 50". You may also look at the <def> elements in the units database to see examples of string unit specifications.


# define a fortnight
install_unit("fn", "2 week", "fortnight")
year <- as_units("year")
set_units(year, fn)        # by symbol
#> 26.08873 [fn]
set_units(year, fortnight) # by name
#> 26.08873 [fn]
# clean up
remove_unit("fn", "fortnight")

# working with currencies
install_unit("euro", "1.22 dollar")
install_unit("yen", "0.0079 euro")
set_units(as_units("dollar"), yen)
#> 103.756 [yen]
# clean up
remove_unit(c("dollar", "euro", "yen"))

# an example from microbiology
cfu_symbols <- c("CFU", "cfu")
cfu_names <- c("colony_forming_unit", "ColonyFormingUnit")
install_unit(cfu_symbols, "3.4 cell", cfu_names)
cell <- set_units(2.5e5, cell)
vol <- set_units(500, ul)
set_units(cell/vol, "cfu/ml")
#> 147058.8 [CFU/ml]
set_units(cell/vol, "CFU/ml")
#> 147058.8 [CFU/ml]
set_units(cell/vol, "colony_forming_unit/ml")
#> 147058.8 [CFU/ml]
set_units(cell/vol, "ColonyFormingUnit/ml")
#> 147058.8 [CFU/ml]
# clean up
remove_unit(c("cell", cfu_symbols), cfu_names)